Pay-Per-Click Marketing //

Pay per click advertising on Google, Bing, and Yahoo! gives your business instant visibility in the top search engines. You only pay when a prospect searching for your product or service actually clicks on your ad and gets directed to your website. It also gives you the ability to customize your advertising messages and instantly run promotions and specials. Our experienced search engine advertising consultants will carefully craft your ads based on the landing page content, keyword relevance, and the search terms that will generate the most leads for your business.

Benefits for your business:

• Leads are easily converted to incoming calls and emails
• Controlled message to targeted audience
• Ability to target specific geographic areas
• 100% control of advertising budget
• Measurable conversion rates, and return on Investment
• Drives substantial traffic to your website

For more information about our services or to schedule a free one-on-one consultation with a Pay per Click marketing expert in our Montreal office, please call 514-294-7735, email or send us a message